I don’t have anything very profound to say…

Like the title says, I don’t have anything very profound to say. It’s Sunday. Day of rest. I’ve been pretty lazy today, and I debated about even writing today. I’m trying to keep these good habits in check, so here I am. Since I don’t want to be boring and my day was less than exciting, I’ve decided to compile a list of 20 oddball facts about me. Some may be boring. Some may be interesting, some I think at least some people know, others some may not. It’s an exercise. So here goes…

  1. My very first job was working a concession trailer at carnivals and fairs. I spin a mean cone of cotton candy. I was fourteen or fifteen at the time. I did this in the summers for four to five years.
  2. I grew up around a lot of carnivals and circuses but never traveled or performed. Sorry to disappoint there. It did give me lots of interesting experiences and I grew up around tons of different people and creatures.
  3. I was born with a cyst on my eye. Had it been left alone, it would have grown to cover my eye and part of my face by now. It was removed when I was three and the only reminder I have is a scar.
  4. I’ve had five surgeries in my life. Four were before I was thirteen years old.
  5. I used to get the hiccups regularly in the rotunda room of the West Virginia capital building. It always happened. I think subconsciously I knew it would echo fantastically and my body just obliged.
  6. I have four tattoos and each one means something personal to me. I was almost thirty when I got my first. I’d like more, but I don’t have anything I feel I need to have done at this point.
  7. Despite my plethora of squirrel photos, wolves are actually my favorite animal. It would be my dream job to work with them at a preserve.
  8. I was an only child and my imagination would run wild. I made friends with the cobwebs when I was small and would cry when my mom would knock them down. Yes, they all had names as well.
  9. My husband and I were together for almost fourteen years before we decided maybe we should get married. We’ve been married now for three.
  10. I love doing genealogy work and I love finding the black sheep and oddballs in the family. (My favorite is that my great-great grandfather assisted in an axe murder.)
  11. I have seen a ghost and nobody can convince me otherwise.
  12. I have a weird obsession with cobalt blue glass
  13. I’m extremely quiet in crowds and while I’m getting to know someone. I promise I’m not a snob.
  14. I was on the cover of a catalog for Lowe’s when I was a small kid. Yes, the home improvement place. No, I no longer have any copies of it and that makes me sad.
  15. I lived out of a motel room for two or three years.
  16. I eat an obscene amount of peanut butter. Ask my husband. Better yet, don’t.
  17. According to my parents, I was backstage with my dad at a Johnny Cash performance when I was a baby and he picked me up. I have no recollection of this. I do remember hanging out backstage with Dr. Hook and Ray Sawyer thinking I was cute. Yes, I was still a little kid, not a groupie.
  18. I make my own spice blends
  19. I love to read. I learned to read when I was three and read Alice In Wonderland in its entirety in first grade.
  20. I have a teddy bear named Smacky. He’s pretty nifty.

So there you have it. I’m sure I could come up with twenty more. For now, I’m gonna go to bed.

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